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Eraserhead Keychain Classic Celebrity Keychain Happy Birthday Aizawa Erasure Head by Eraserhead Keychain

$12.95 $15.95
19% OFF
This unique Eraserhead keychain is the best perfect gift for him/her for all ages that the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Birthday or any other occasion.

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Welcome to Eraserhead Merch Store

This is our warm greeting to all the customers visiting here. Are you a fan of Eraserhead? Are you looking for something related to this movie? Now, you get it! Congratulations! Eraserhead Merch Store is a shop for the movie fans of Eraserhead. You can browse our shop to find your favorite items.


The Movie--- Eraserhead

Eraserhead is a 1977 American surrealist horror film that was written, directed, produced, and edited by David Lynch. Lynch also created its score and sound design, which included pieces by a variety of other musicians. Shot in black and white, it was Lynch's first feature-length effort following several short films.

The film talks about the harsh roar of machines in a gloomy, depressing industrial town. Henry Spencer visits his girlfriend's house for the first time. However, what he witness is a strange and twisted family. There is a domineering mother, incompetent father, vegetative grandmother, and clumsy daughter. What makes Henry more helpless is that he is forced to marry his girlfriend. Overnight, Henry became the father of a deformed child. The ugly and disgusting baby made Henry extremely frightened and anxious. It also made the newlywed wife flee in the middle of the night because she could not bear the crying of the baby. Henry could no longer endure such an unbearable life and nightmares every night. He eventually dismembered the deformed premature baby with scissors himself.


Where to Buy Eraserhead Merch?

Right here! You are at the right shop if you are looking for personalized and featured Eraserhead merchandise at an affordable price. We have a huge collection of Eraserhead merchandise in one shop. Our merchandises are in top quality. Our quality standards have always been high and our focus is on customers satisfaction. So whether you need a T-shirt or a pair of Eraserhead branded hats, our store has it all for you. You can possess Eraserhead merch that is created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality Eraserhead merch on the internet.

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Eraserhead fans are still finding Eraserhead style pieces everywhere, especially T-shirts and hoodies. Here, our Eraserhead store is trying to make it easier to bring Eraserhead printed items to lovers around the world.

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Of course, there are so many items and they are waiting for you to discover.


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